Art, Progress Update

Art Adventures: Progress Update

Hi there! Welcome to my progress blog 🙂

I plan to boost my motivation and productivity by learning things, posting my progress as I build on existing skills and learn new ones. Last week I outlined how I will attempt to do this through working with my strengths, monitoring my mood, setting goals, breaking bad habits, removing baggage and being accountable. I’ve also set myself a challenge for the month which deals with removing baggage. By the end of the month I want to have sorted all my files into three categories: projects to finish, sketches and trash. This is the first of what I hope will be many progress updates as I attempt to take charge of my life and improve my creative skills!

I think I should mention that this week was not good for me. I had a bad time with both my physical and mental health, which resulted in a trip to the doctors to have all the blood tests done and quite a few residents of Skyrim sustaining third degree burns (because flinging fireballs at people in real life is frowned upon :P). Rather than spend this entire post whinging about what went wrong though, I’m going to talk about what went right 🙂

So What Did Go Right?

First of all, I’ve started the 3d Animation Foundations course! I attended both classes and actually participated, which is actually an achievement for me! The course itself is going to be good as it takes us through the whole process of making an animation (from creating a story and character concepts to modelling, rigging and animating the character). I think it’ll teach me a lot of awesome new skills and most of all be loads of fun!

Another good thing that happened was I managed to dig out a product key for my copy of Adobe CS4 Design Premium, so now I don’t need to spend money (or resort to piracy) to play around with InDesign! Yay! It might be an old version, but I can’t afford to pay the subscription for CC, so it’ll have to do.

As for the challenge I’ve set myself, I have made some progress! Despite having a bad week, I spent less time in front of the TV and managed to at least sort the vast majority of my projects into the three categories I mentioned earlier.


Here are only a few of the pieces that made their way into the sketch pile. These are especially ones I may come back to them, but for now there’s no pressure to get them finished.

Things to Finish

The things I’ve decided to keep were decided on the basis that either a) they were a (relatively recent) request from someone else, b) they are part of a bigger project or c) they’re almost finished anyway. So far I only have five, which is much more manageable than what it was.


This is a DM screen that was meant for his birthday about two years ago. I hope I can finish it before his birthday this year at the beginning of July.


A group shot of a Dungeons and Dragons party we had going when our group had a lot of shift workers playing. The DM came up with a “Drop of the Hat” campaign with randomly rolled characters which could be picked up anywhere if the regular party couldn’t attend. The adventures were so amusing our DM requested a group picture for posterity.

These character sketches don’t have much left to do. On the left is our current D&D party’s dwarf thief “Hipster” Tim and the one on the right is a character from one of my comic projects.

Finally, yet another D&D themed project, character designs for my cleric Dana, because she’s awesome and also I wanted to eventually make a 3D model of her when I’m more competent with Maya. I only have the orthographic views to complete.

The first two of these projects still have quite a lot of work left, so I’m not going to beat myself up if they don’t get done by the end of the month, just as long as I’ve made a start on completing them.  I’ll continue to search through the rest of the accumulated USBs and external hard drives for more projects I have but I think these five will be the only ones I want to finish at this stage. With course work on top of all that I think that will keep me nicely busy for a while.

Until next week, thanks for reading!

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